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"I empower intuitive development, facilitate trauma release, activate body-mind-soul alignment, for female entrepreneurs to master their own authentic path of success"


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How can I contribute to YOU?

Internationally acclaimed Master Intuitive Business Wellness Facilitator

Cathleen has empowered thousands of clients worldwide for 22+ years. 

Clients include: entrepreneurs, yoga/wellness practitioners, Fortune 500 top CEO's, billionaire investors, super moms, well known celebrities, professional athletes (KC NFL Super Bowl winner), traditional + holistic medicine doctors, professional coachesall stages illness recovery, hospice care and more.

Client Love

"Just finished my end of year financials and realized my business revenue increased 58% this year! My monthly member intuitive business coaching with you this year definitely made all the difference for my personal growth and success." 

-Kansas City Gina S. 

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“I have done countless alternative therapies for pain and depression for years now. All of those combined did not touch 1/100th of what just shifted in this ONE SESSION with you! THANK YOU!”

-Palm Beach, FL  Jen R.

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Ready to see what is possible for you?

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