empowering your energetic advantages in wellness, business + life 

Intuitive Lifestyle Success

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Where is your energy blocked? 


have you been told you are 'too sensitive,' weird, or struggle with hyper awareness + sensitivities to foods, people and environments? 

do you block your intuitive knowing in your business, life, or relationships? (then have that kick your butt and cost you big time)

are you seeking to create more conscious soul purpose and passion in your relationships and career?

are you challenged by weak boundaries that are keeping you unhealthy, unhappy and exhausted?

are you curious about intuitive energy and ready to tap into your own empowered advantages to generate more fun, ease + cashflow?

are you an amazing 'giver' who needs to learn how to RECEIVE for yourself?

Cathleen can guide you into the wellness 

+ success you are really desiring to create

(sessions combine distance energy healingintuitive business - life coaching 

law off attraction training + spiritual medium reading as needed)


Hello I'm Cathleen

an internationally acclaimed top master intuitive healer, author, intuitive business coach who has facilitated thousands of sessions in ever US state, 14+ international countries 20yrs exp. certified bio/media here

If your seeking world class, powerhouse support to improve your wellness + business then you want me on your a-team.

Which of these describes you? 

Healthy Woman

Seeking to hire intuitive eating or detox wellness coach

You are ready to feel better and overcome your health challenges or are seeking expert support your healing journey to love your body, find your own wellness equation to let 2021 be your healthiest year ever.

Wellness Shop

Seeking to hire intuitive mindset business coach

You are ready for more intuitive mindset support and training to be able to tap into your own potential to generate more opportunity while increasing cashflow (all while making increased impact for your clients and the earth. 


Seeking to hire intuitive development mentor

You are ready to tap into your own intuitive gifts and better understand how energy is running the show with your family, relationships and your life. You are seeking to live on soul purpose and bring more light to the world.

"Just finished my end of year financials and realized my business revenue increased 58% in 2018! My monthly member intuitive business coaching with you this year definitely made all the difference for my personal growth and success." 

-Gina S. KC 

Happy Client

“I have done countless alternative therapies for pain and depression for years now. All of those combined did not touch 1/100th of what just shifted in this ONE SESSION with you! THANK YOU!”

-Palm Beach, FL  Jen R.

Green Goodness
Woman in Hot Tub

Living the Spiral 30 day

Chakra Transformation Cleanse

wellness coaching


intuitive energy healing

distance holistic healing energy reiki balancing sessions to empower your health 

+ immunity confidence

medium readings


intuitive business consulting

master your confidence + intuitive clarity on strategic choices to optimize your joy + cashflow


intuitive life readings

understand + clear your relationships, life path to manifest your desires with more clarity + ease

Flexible Woman

create + live your intuitive lifestyle success

Ready to see what is possible for you?

Cathleen has been a featured master intuitive reiki healer, holistic medium, top intuitive business coach + intuitive lifestyle expert on:

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Intuitive Lifestyle Success


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