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1% better everyday ='s +365% year

Updated: May 28, 2019

woman doing workout with kettle balls

One of the reasons I love the olympics so much is how inspiring it is to see so many athletes pushing the bounds of what is physically possible. There is something about the gold medal around their neck that finally acknowledges a peak success. Yet for most people any life achievement is the same series of small if not daily baby steps of growth (not unlike olympic athletes) to get to a performance breakthrough.  

Even easier to miss is the often years if not decades of discipline it can take to see rewards in ones wellness, business or relationship. When no one is coaching you personally it can be all too easy to get comfortable, relax into getting by and lower expectations about any area of your life. 

So what if just committing to a 1% positive step every day for a specific goal can be all the difference for you to be in an entirely new place within a year. Depending on what you are seeking to improve this can obviously vary in time for body and strength goals but what about changing your relationship with your body?