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3 Tips To Make Turning 50 Fabulous

women turning 50

Yesterday I was in an appointment when I overheard a woman in the room next to me who said, "After women turn 50, it is all downhill from there and everything falls apart fast." At first I was annoyed by this typical ignorant comment. Then I became angry in my awareness of how many women sadly believe this to be true. She then continued to blabber on with her laundry list of things indeed falling apart, to prove her own limiting belief to be true.

It is clear when you look at several people of the same chronological age, that you can notice how some seem younger, while some may seem timeless, then there are those who show beyond their years far too soon. This is not (entirely) about vanity here. I am actually speaking to how our reflection can reveal the quality of our spirit and life. It is interesting how this can vary from person to person and of course there are always multiple factors that play into how our age looks.

While some are clearly blessed genetically, now more than ever studies are showing that genes are more malleable to influence than anyone ever realized. Dr Deepak Chopra's book Supergenes shares exciting science behind this which I had been intuitively tapping into with clients for many years before reading (but love the confirmation). Beliefs and conditioning around aging are certainly factors yet this again can be overturned with mindset and developing ones consciousness around the power of body mind connection. Another factor is physical impacts of trauma, ongoing stress, imbalanced lifestyle which over time will show up on ones appearance.

If you are willing to become conscious of what your body is doing and open to the possibilities of being more empowered to influence your aging process in a healthy, positive way then I believe it is possible to improve any aspect of your wellness through living a more intuitive lifestyle. Doing this supports your awareness of what factors and choices unique to you will assist with optimizing your energy at every age.

Here are my intuitive wellness expert support tips to make your turning 50 fabulous.

1- Value Your Assets - Hopefully by 50 you are beginning to be more aware of physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual capacities that equate to sincere happiness within a holistic lifestyle that you are enjoying. Only you can get real and know by what your life is actually doing in each of these areas. Are you thriving or barely keeping up? It is important to celebrate what you are doing well. Or if one of these areas makes you cringe then perhaps its time to shift into high gear with supports to make changes needed so you can change your life game for the better.

2- Own Your Experience - While both our personal traumas and our cherished adventures through life may seem familiar, they are why we are each so dynamic in this life. Owning your experiences allows you to receive the gifts the good, bad and ugly can bring so you truly understand others. For me, teaching intuitive development comes from a powerful desire for women not to experience the pain of hyper intuitive sensitivity I struggled with so they can have tools to balance energy and stay grounded anywhere. What did you overcome that is your value to share with the world?

3- Embrace Your Inner Crone - In female archetype life cycles we move in life from maiden, to mother, to crone. Maiden is the first stage we begin developing from girl into woman moving towards beginning the period cycle to procreate. Once we hit this milestone we then begin stage two of the mother stage where we are fertile to conceive and give birth. The final stage comes around menopause with the crone cycle. Here we are no longer birthing children but advising from inner wisdom to share others from a lifetime of experience. While society in general tends to view aging as a weakness or loss of value, choosing to see it as an empowered strength of knowledge and wisdom allows you to receive the priceless benefits.

Ultimately turning 50 will be whatever you believe and expect it to be. If you would like it to be fabulous then you need to believe that is actually possible, while expecting to experience your version of what life will look like for you. If you are dreading turning 50 then I would encourage you to do the work to unravel that so you can have a new possibility. The fun is that you get to choose whatever any age is going to mean or be. What if 50 is the beginning of the best stage of life that you never even realize was possible? It is for me.

Cathleen Miller Master Intuitive Business + Energy Coach

Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions, Events + Retreats


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