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3 Ways To Know You Need A Business Energy Healer

intuitive business healer

Having several support systems in place to ensure a strong foundation are key to any thriving business. For some this may be reserves of financial support to maintain stability through ebb and flow cycles, or seasonal sales. Others may need back up contracting support, not to get overwhelmed in peak times of project workflow. Still some who seem to have the best 'on paper' business plans, still do not seem to get the momentum they had hoped for to be able to create long term success.

According to the Small Business Association, it is approximated that "about two-thirds of businesses with employees survive at least 2 years and about half survive at least 5 years." When you think about the extraordinary amount of effort, expense and time any business takes to begin and maintain, this can be brutal to hear. Not to mention the personal cost in relationships, actual savings and so on. This unfortunately keeps many from taking the leap into their entrepreneur dream.

What I am inspired to explore here is peeling back what happened to all of these people and businesses on deeper levels. If you consider these statistics from a vibrational stand point, these people and businesses on some level did not maintain the vibrational creation life-force to keep going. This is not a wrongness or judgement in any way. Many of these people simply changed their minds or lost interest.

For some this may have been a slow decline, while for others a blow out of some kink that they simply never recovered from. Many also had a soul detour that took them into an unexpected turn like personal illness, caretaking a family member, or simply choosing a new different life direction. No business closing is a failure. They can be interesting life chapters that yield a lifetime of insight and experience.

What I care to highlight here is the percentage of small business owners rising above, who are definitely doing something different. To me their longevity is a powerful energetic vibrational support of alignment to be able to generate success, regardless of the odds. Those who are tapped in and creating from this awareness are the ones who will be the success percentage and keep our country thriving.

Not everyone is game to consider being a conscious capitalist, yet those who are seem to definitely be the ones who are the game changers. They are rising above (even during a global pandemic) not just making it through but creating more possibility than ever before. As an intuitive business healing coach, I work with entrepreneurs, as well as working transition crossovers who are still in the corporate game while seeking to create their own ventures to leave employee status behind.

When personal beliefs, energetic alignment and cumulative vibration around ones business is off or dysfunctional the creation will simply not work, fall short, or not last. In any case, this imbalance if not improved can lead to strain and again typical outcomes. Keeping open to new possibility is crucial so things can turn around no matter where you are in your business at the moment. Here are a few expert tips to know you may benefit from working with a business healer.

3 Ways To Know You Need A Business Energy Coach Or Business Healing

1. Your Rut Train Is Off The Tracks - If you are struggling more than moving forward or simply going through the motions then you can be in a rut or disengaging from healthy supports to keep you going. Or if you are dreaming of being elsewhere instead of passionate (or at least hopeful) about where you are at the moment, things may be slipping in more ways than one. Evaluate where you are and bring in new support to clarify what tweaks or overhauls may be crucial to keep you on track.

2. Your Best Efforts Are Still Falling Short - If you are checking all of the boxes of healthy, business systems, showing up to build it, and still falling short then taking a big step back to see what is going on is important. Uprooting limited beliefs, old business traumas (which may be holding you back), or even other lifetime patterns can be keeping the break on. Mindset now alongside vibrational clean up are key to getting into the green and staying there.

3. You're Ground Hog Hamster Wheeling - if you feel like Bill Murray getting up to "I got you Babe" each day (like in the movie Groundhog Day). Or your day to day workflow seems to be piling up higher and getting more chaotic instead of a cooperative sense of satisfaction (or at least keeping your balance), then it is time to get off the wheel and reset your center point to ensure your wellness and focus to stay on track.

I love that there are so many business coaches out there. Social media strategy, strategic planning, mindset, law of attraction, visibility coaching which all have their place and can definitely contribute to success. Intuitive business coaching with energy healing is unique in that it pinpoints and addresses core vibrational patterns keeping you stuck. Intuition can get to issues most traditional theory coaches would miss. Understanding your intuitive energy, timing and choices to become profitable, functional enjoyable will ensure longevity for your success.

Cathleen Miller Master Intuitive Business Energy Coach

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