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Energy Intelligence

Energy Intelligence

Have you ever had a strong sense of receiving information while touching an object? Perhaps from putting your hand on a memorial wall, a photograph, or an old keepsake from a loved one? Examples like these can bring heightened emotions and sense of understanding or connection for those who are sensitive. While for others, it is just another marble wall, or lifeless item in one dimensional form.

Energy intelligence is the capacity to be aware of non-physical energy in an accurate and useful way. While some can go into abstract airy fairy, woo-woo projections, I strive to teach that if information coming through is not practical, applicable and relevant information to you (or for you to share a supportive message for others), then it is likely interference and a distorted distraction.

As an intuitive development coach, my focus is to guide clients into better understanding their own energy so they can then better decipher others energies around them. The benefits of this are countless in nature, since intuitive clarity supports everything from not taking on energies from others to better redirecting projections and poor boundaries with others.

Why is energy intelligence important? In my professional opinion, it is the best way to clarify your own needs and desires, so you can then cultivate that awareness in your favor. Learning how to understand subtle energies gives you an advantage so that everything you create around you supports and enhances that energy. When you are sensitive and clear, you are more aware when things are off or not appropriate for you.

Learning how to honor and then upgrade your environments can be a great practice to become more aware which for some can be as simple as decluttering your home or office. As you begin to look for items or placement of things that are blocking or congesting energy instead of enhancing it is a great first step to basic energy awareness development.

Where is a great place to begin? Practicing with experiences in your own life so that you can begin to invite more awareness to open a new perspective for you. A good example of this would be holding a piece of jewelry from someone you did not know that someone else did and see what impressions come in that hopefully you friend can validate as true.

Another way to begin to harness energy intelligence is to work with other intuitive people who can guide you to develop your unique style of awareness so it can benefit you in healthy, useful ways.

Cathleen Miller

intuitive energy coach - spiritual entrepreneur - intuitive business coach

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