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Energy Medicine

energy medicine

In the field of vibrational healing there are countless energy therapy modalities which live within the realm of energy medicine. Some of these include healing touch and body work therapies but can also fall into quantum field treatments, or 'off body' distance healing as well.

While the choices of therapies are vast in what you can choose from, it is important to be able to find the right treatment (and practitioner) for your needs. Here are a few things to consider in your energy medicine search.

1. Choosing the best therapy for you - I am always surprised when clients come in for energy therapy sessions only to share that they have done numerous therapies with other people that resulted in little to no results and yet for some reason they kept going? huh?

If any therapy is not improving your energy, outlook, or condition right away then consider trying another modality or practitioner that may work better for you. Sometimes it is just not the right person, or therapy for you.

2. What do you think is possible? It is important to consider what you do expect and believe is possible in any therapy before committing to the time, energy and financial commitment. Whether it is traditional medical western or eastern fringe therapy does not matter. If you are following a trend and do not believe in whatever you choose, then the best medicines or therapies will do very little, if anything at all.

One tip to help you gain confidence in energy therapies if you are new to the idea, is to check out different practitioners websites and see what their testimonials are saying. Being able to find others who found relief from the same issues you are seeking to improve, can really help increase your optimism for your own change.

3. Comfortable connection - Make sure the practitioner feels like the right fit for you so that you can be open enough for real change to occur. If the process feels weird or you just do not feel at ease with the person giving your treatment, your body will likely contract and not much will be accomplished.

Communicate as you go to keep your experience in as much ease as possible will always enhance your results. Developing a trusting connection is important to be able to improve your own progress. This should also help to improve your body mind connection and confidence for your own sense of natural balance.

These concepts may seem easy and yet I have lost count of clients who commonly mention one or all of the above as challenges in their prior energy therapy experiences. Learning how to become empowered in your body and intuitive wellness experience should be the goal.

Cathleen Miller

medical intuitive - energy therapy practitioner

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