• Cathleen Miller

High Vibe Intuitive Cleaning Tips

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

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Being so aware of subtle energies everywhere, I keep a pristinely energetically clean and organized home and office pretty much all of the time. Yet from time to time a deeper decluttering and major recalibration feels not just useful but important to keep a healthy flow going in my life, body and business. 

Recently I have definitely set a new record of "out with the old." From cutting off over a foot of my hair, to trashing years of old back files and outmoded data. To good willing baby items and garage mayhem. Initially it brings an instant wave of relief that I am sure you can relate to. Yet it also can bring a bittersweet taste of where we are still attached to those items (or that time in our life) in some way. 

As a law of attraction coach and energy therapy expert, my whole life's work is about keeping high vibe energy vibration. This is not just for me but for my clients benefit as well. 

Understanding that everything you own is an extension of you is not always easy to grasp. Most people feel things they own are much more random in relevance. In law of attraction what you focus on generates more of that same energy. So clutter you don't want is like a magnet to more clutter.

Where that becomes very relevant is when it begins to clog our body or income flow in some way. Being able to locate and then release these items and energies can transform our life in powerful ways.

Anytime things feel stagnant or off, I challenge you to being more intuitive in your own personal energy cleaning and clearing habits. This can bring more body mind awareness about your belongings and also flow energy better than you ever realized possible for yourself.

As you focus on improving order, more ways to stay organized can become your new norm. Here are a few of my own steps to keeping life, work and home balanced and blissful. 

Here are my top 3 Intuitive Spring Cleaning Tips

1- Prioritize main area to improve: setting intention to improve issues like client flow or your health, can assist for your to be more aware