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Intuitive Eating 101

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

healthy stir fry

Most people are completely mental about there diet and what is 'healthy' to eat. Yet what supports one in thriving, can be a deathly allergen for another.

What if there is no 'one size fits all' way to eat? Or work out? Or rest? As an Intuitive Lifestyle Expert my energy coaching guides everyone into being connected to their own personal intuitive formula for success.

This varies widely from person to person based on many factors such as stress, budget and current health issues.

As creatures of habit many do what they were raised to, instead of finding their own path to better health. Many are confused at where to begin? I recommend that you keep it simpleand just begin with one new food or change your body is asking for at this time. Next time you are at your grocery store ask to see what you gravitate towards which may be a fruit in season or nut or anything that you feel drawn to (*be sure to check for possible food allergies and that it is appropriate for you medically).

Learning to listen and then try out new items can show you how new foods affect your body and can improve energy. To develop intuitive eating skills be sure to see my Intuitive Eating + Conscious Body Love e-course available on link below.

-be well everyone

Cathleen Miller

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