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Intuitive Fitness

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

intuitive fitness

It's always exciting to find your ideal fitness program. Between countless fitness apps, personal training choices, cutting edge gyms, DIY you tube videos, or just good old fashioned Forrest Gump cross country running, there is a lot out there to explore.

While many gravitate to fitness routines that can move into autopilot over time, finding a fluent and flexible program can keep you going and give you better long term results. I certified and taught aerobics back in the mid eighties, in the Flashdance fitness era trend of overdrive and high impact. Although I loved spending endless hours in gym, over time shin splints, major fatigue and burn out took its toll.

Today many, many moons later, I began to honor my intuitive understanding of my body. It was not easy to shift from all or nothing, no pain no gain, force fitness mentality into actually listening to my body. Yet when I did, everything changed. I began to shift into a gradual healthier mix of weight training, yoga, hiking, dance and so on that is more longevity focused. It was also more balanced and so enjoyable that I look forward to working out everyday.

If you hate working out or dread