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Law of Attraction Expert Tips to Raise Your Vibration

law of attraction tips to raise vibration

Everyone wants to feel good. Yet in this interesting global time (to put it mildly), it is all too easy to get caught up in negativity and lower vibrational energies that are rampant. It can be challenging not to notice the aspects of your life and relationships you are not wanting to experience. There are also countless ways we can get side tracked and lose site of our own balance. Especially when those we care about are influencing us to their fears or limitations.

It is wild how in a single day you could experience happiness, discouragement, excitement and fear all within the same twenty four hours. This is not bad or wrong but can be a bit of a rollercoaster to keep us out of the harmony we may desire. It takes a strong desire to commit to keeping a high vibration which will then in turn benefit your health, business and life in every way imaginable.

While many are understanding the basic law of attraction principle that what you focus on, you begin to create or activate into your personal experience. There are countless more subtle levels of refining this experience and awareness. As we evolve personally within this unfoldment it simply takes time and experience to begin to master your own vibration.

Then you add relationships, work experience, your community and the world and keeping a high vibrational frequency becomes an adventure of a lifetime. Or a nightmare you are trying to survive. That is up to you and how well you focus from moment to moment.

Even after decades of personally studying, living, applying, coaching and teaching intuitive lifestyle success principles, I am always in awe of how the universe is infinite in its capacity to deliver experiences for us to go further in discovering more about ourselves and our creations. As complex as this can seem, it is actually can be quite simple. Feel good and you get good.

Seems too easy right? Well for many who have been struggling and relishing exhaustive challenges in life or work, the thought of giving up the force to create pattern is not usually welcomed. You get to choose how good you would like to feel. You also get to choose how soon you can feel good, which could be right now.

Here are my top 3 intuitive law of attraction expert feel good daily tips

1- Prioritize + schedule your float time - take at least one daily personal time alone to meditate. Allow yourself to let go of thought to let any monkey mind settle, so your body can relax to restore to balance naturally. Begin with 5-10 minutes and build into 15 minutes when you can. This daily habit to feel good can become a foundational support for every part of your life to improve.

2- Get a positive vibe play partner - finding a healthy, positive, supportive partner who is seeking to feel good while creating more positivity and success. This can be a great way to join forces to build your confidence while also getting honest feedback in your experience together. Keep it light and fun with feeling better as the goal to connect.

3- Strengthen your focus muscles - no matter where your energy goes within each day, as long as you are continuously practicing reaching for a slightly better thought, then you are going in the right direction. Moving from fear to happiness is not likely to happen. Learning how to be ok with going from strong fear to insecurity can be a small vibrational step up that (as you keep working your way higher) will lift you eventually into full relief. Reaching into higher vibrations can also rewire the brain in a healthy way to help this to be easier over time as well.

As you begin to practice and prioritize feeling good every day, then magic will begin to show up in every area you are holding a higher focus on. If there was one thing you would love to improve in your life today, what would that be? As you feel better, invite the universe to support that positive change, miracles can become the new normal for you.

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