• Cathleen Miller

Law of Attraction Mastering Vibrational Alignment

law of attraction vibrational alignment

Where is your vibration? More people are waking up to the understanding around basic law of attraction, meaning that what you focus on, you attract. Well...maybe on some topics but not everything right? It takes tremendous conscious accountability to acknowledge that we are creating and co-creating our reality in every single thing that is transpiring in our own lives. As well as contributing to the greater collective we are all experiencing simultaneously as well.

Easy to get behind law of attraction when you are happy with what you are creating and your life is smooth sailing. A little tougher however, when your circumstances and manifestations are not happening as you had hoped, or worse, you are creating the opposite of what you prefer and digging your heels in with the negative. If so then just take a deep breath, we have all been there and simply clarify what you do desire to happen or change. Sometimes just doing that can bring tremendous relief.

I personally found law of attraction principles over thirty years ago from several authors who inspired me to be more aware of everything I was doing and focusing on. Today I am still incredibly passionate about teaching and training clients to be more intuitive around their own vibrational alignment. I love training them to better understand what is really happening in their subtle energy field which is incredibly satisfying work. I love being able to trek clients up the vibrational scale getting them to experience their own increasing enthusiasm and empowered sense of possibility that propels them forward. I love empowering everyone into their own intuitive capacities to transform their bodies and lives.

While there are never ending subtle refinements on vibrational accuracy and stamina of focus, it is easy to tell where you are stuck by what is happening in your business, your body or any area of your life. If your relationships are less than joyful, then circling around to your story and how you are expecting things to go, can highlight where you may be harboring past resentments not letting you move forward.

Struggling with money? Check out if you feel guilty about your worth, or other wonky beliefs around being able to receive. While these sound easy, sometimes these patterns can be so familiar they are not so easy to shift on our own. Finding a conscious intuitive vibrational law of attraction coach can help you clarify where you are going off track and help get you vibrationally fit to be able to achieve your ideal vision of happiness, health or success.

Here are a few of my law of attraction intuitive expert tips to help you get started to create more of what you are really desiring to live and experience in your life.

1- Feel Your Words - we all know how to say the positive happy face statements but if you do not really feel them inside then you can be broadcasting the opposite out and creating from where your energy really is (like lack, frustration, anger). If any area is not what you want, or the opposite of w