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Manifesting Tips with Law of Attraction

manifesting tips with law of attraction

I love that the basic principles of the Abraham and Esther Hicks law of attraction work are now commonplace in mainstream awareness. This simply means that whatever you are focusing on in your life you are activating in a way that is bringing it into your reality. Which can be what you want or really do not want depending on what you are zooming in on. As you put attention on anything positive or negative, you begin to activate it and draw it forth to you.

For many law of attraction awareness and positive lifestyle practice such as meditation, or anything that feels fun or meaningful, are great priorities to support staying aligned. Although this may seem simplistic, feeling good is the ongoing navigator for things to flow well. Feeling agitated, worried or other negative energies, are just indicators that you are in a lower range of frequency. Examples of this are being frustrated because of running late, only to get stuck in traffic that day with equally frustrated drivers around you.

Consciously working with law of attraction for many decades now, it is amusing how simple it is and yet how stubborn we can be to get in our own way. Blocking ease and wellness are so common and yet suffering is always optional. Another good point to remember is that the point of power and moving back up the vibrational scale is always in the now moment. As we keep resetting in the here and now, anything is always possible.

As you strive for the highest vibration possible in every situation, negative or unwanted focal points are useful to identify what you do want. What I find absolutely fascinating in this vibrational journey is how powerful our focus, our words and our claim of personal story truly are manifesting in our lives, our bodies and our business. As you speak it and believe it, so it is.

As a professional intuitive coach, I am always working to evaluate and improve vibrational frequencies for clients so they are able to better understand what is really going on in any issue. This gives them more conscious choice about changing any issue for the better from a vibrational vantage point. Here are some great law of attraction in the vortex tips that can help you improve your energy, body and business everyday.


1- Be Your Own Vibrational Thermometer - practicing tracking your own vibrational habits so you can identify where to improve them will help you keep moving up into better states of possibility. If you know you are going in the wrong direction, don't beat yourself up for getting off track, just ask what is the fastest way to get back on?

2- Get Accountability Support -finding a vibe buddy can be a huge support to know when you are off track and can have fun going higher when you are both in the zone. Ask for those who are going to be appropriate and healthy to allow you to be your best. While also contributing to their growth in a healthy way too.

3- Feel Good Everyday - daily healthy habits are crucial to success. I rebranded my entire company to intuitive lifestyle success because of this core practice being the secret to accelerating potential. Finding your own unique lifestyle habits can be a process but can make all the difference for optimizing your energy and success in all ways.

Having fun with the process of understanding your own unique vibrational energy patterns is a great way to not take this too serious. As Esther says "life is supposed to be fun!"

Cathleen Miller

Intuitive Coaching, Events + Retreats

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