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Spiritual Cleanse

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

spiritual cleanse

Every culture has unique spiritual belief systems containing different levels of spiritual cleansing. While this visual of a Tibetan monk meditating for days on end certainly has a powerful beauty of simplicity to it, this may not be the spiritual experience that works, or is even what you would aspire to experience in your own life.

How does one find their own right path to the best spiritual cleansing experience? This is a deeply personal choice. Depending on your faith and normal spiritual practice, you may already have many wonderful habits of prayer and spiritual growth in place. Yet from time to time we can all feel a powerful inner desire to go further.

This inner yearning may be your souls desire revealing its inner inspiration to expand through a new experience. Perhaps working with a group in your spiritual community, or prioritizing more time in silence is the next best step for you to achieve new clarity within. Doing this over a few days or weeks can create wonderful personal awareness about yourself.

My own personal spiritual practice over the past several decades has led me to many developmental cleansing experiences along the way. From an