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Tips To Thrive In Life

Intuitive life coaching

While chaos has been ongoing for so many around the world this spring, everyone is still faced with how to cope while moving forward. We are all doing our best to rise above ongoing negativity around global health, political and social challenges happening. As an intuitive energy coach and healer, I work with clients daily to support their energetic awareness for them to better handle their own personal, professional and community stress.

One thing I know for sure is that the level of your own conscious energy awareness and intuition can be your flashlight to guide you around the massive volatile intensities of this time. Using your awareness to continue the evaluation process of what is supporting your wellness, happiness and success. Also to know who or what is clearly not. If you are not coping well and are needing more support finding a quality intuitive life coach, or free intuitive lifestyle community resources can make all the difference.

Once you know what those are the next step is to step into more change to support your ease and thriving no matter what continues to happen. It takes a strong desire to maintain balance when so many are in chaos. Contracting your world and getting small or hiding helps no one. Expanding into more actually creates a space for you to be a greater contribution at this time which can create a greater future for us all.

There is vibrational power in your moment to moment thoughts, words and actions. Often we dismiss this fact and numb out or worse go semi to unconscious. This will not create a greater future but more mayhem. Your every thought and action can create more hope and empowered inspiration or keep the status quo or get destructive and contribute to hate and all that can bring. Choice is yours. What do you choose?

3 Tips To Thrive In Chaos

1- Revamping Your Priorities - Only you can begin to identify the places you are losing energy or compromising yourself to circumstances that are not honoring your body or your life. Ask what are simple steps that you can be aware of to begin to gently create change with ease. Sometimes this is as simple as saying no to social invites that are toxic or choosing to workout instead of another hour in front of tv. Sounds easy right? Habits can be tricky to re-route so begin with steps that you are confident you can accomplish before moving on to bigger changes with career or relationships. Write out the top 5-10 priories of your time in a day then see which 3 are most important. Begin there and build into more time and energy devoted to supporting those.

2- Raising Your Vibrational Standard - This one is a bit more advanced and requires a lot of practice. Learning how to walk away from no win conversations, not agreeing to soul sucking commitments that you are not required to do are a few examples where this can begin to change. When you live in a high standard of harmony and ease it will get easier and easier to keep creation momentum going to create more of what you really desire in every area of your life. Start by observing your choices and be gentle with yourself when your not ever perfect in what you think and choose. Just choose healthier and happier the next time around.

3- Be Willing To Adapt - Being open to split second awareness and new directional changes is the name of the game right now for you to stay strong and balanced. Especially within a world that is more out of form and structure than ever before. Again find what your own physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental needs are so that you can do your best to prepare and adjust as new updates continue to invite us to change. Resistance can create unnecessary stress and yet when a belief or personal freedom is challenged then asking the universe what else is possible here for everyone to thrive can be a helpful question.

We are all in this together. May we all know greater freedom for all beliefs, genders and races to create equal opportunity and possibility for a more peaceful world and future.

Intuitive Business + Wellness Consultant Cathleen Miller


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