• Cathleen Miller

Soul Coaching

Updated: May 9, 2019

Soul Coaching

Top 5 Ways Soul Coaching Can Benefit You

While many are familiar with traditional coaching techniques and methods, soul coaching can still seem a touch unfamiliar or daunting. Does the soul matter in everyday life? Is connecting with my higher self going to make me more successful in my business? Well, yes and yes.

Soul Coaching - Top 5 Soul Coaching Tips

Your soul does not lie. Humans on the other hand are pretty good to distract, manipulate and tell themselves inaccurate viewpoints, which just add to their misery. The term 'dark night of the soul' comes from having enough of that type of false reality. In this phase what is no longer true or working begins to deconstruct so you can create something better.

As one begins to consider, listen to and then make conscious choices from soul awareness, powerful transformation begins to happen. Not only does the body thank you, everything in your life will work better. Yes that includes money.

Soul coaching does not require that you meditate, do yoga, eat pea shoots, or any 'out there' woo-woo expectation often projected onto it. Your soul connection is as practical, normal and everyday as your favorite go to comfy outfit that help you relax.

Enlisting support through soul or spiritual coaching can create powerful awarenesses while opening new possibilities for anyone open and ready to create more in their life. Here are my top tips on why considering to work with a soul coach can make all the difference for you.

Top 5 Soul Coaching Benefits (that a quality soul coaching session should do for you)