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3 Expert Energy Balancing Tips 2021

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

3 expert energy balancing tips 2021

More and more of my intuitive coaching clients are requesting increased support to be able to manage the stress of the times. Everyone is so unique in their energy requirements and yet so many are trying to fit into the latest trends of wellness which may support them, or possibly be adding to the imbalance. When you are aligned intuitively with your body and personal space understanding what is nourishing your energy becomes easier.

Here are a few of my top tips to help find and create your own personal sacred space:

1- Prioritize order to the level that creates calm for you - Some of us are ok with papers, dishes and clutter piling up but what many are not aware of is that the more out of order your space is the more your system can be energetically drained. This does not mean you have to keep a perfect house at all times and ongoing maid service although dreamy isn't always in the budget.

Find the right balance of what and where needs to keep tidy and notice the energy that gets recycled back to you. Clutter of any kind can overstimulate your nervous system or for some generate unnecessary anxiety. Finding your level of maintenance order can minimize this and bring a wonderful harmony into any area of your office and home.

2- Add oxygen and life-force - Since most families are spending more time in their home adding more oxygen friendly plants to clean the air and filter out toxins can be an easy natural support to freshen your space while protecting your air quality.

Our bodies are doing their best to keep up with countless pollutants so adding a few oxygen rich plants like snake plant or Areca palm can benefit not only you but anyone in the space. Fresh air especially during winter months with lower indoor air quality can bring a mental and emotional lift that is subtle but definitely supporting your body and mind.

3- Have a sacred space in your home that’s only used for relaxation or meditation. This can be a simple corner that you add an amethyst crystal, scented candle, and special accent pillow. Or even a small area in your back patio that has a rock garden or fountain that your intention is to unwind and keep a calm, soothing energy in. Creating your own sacred space, especially on the heels of 2020, will give you a secure spot to find your zen so you can anchor your balance in 2021. – Intuitive Lifestyle Expert, Cathleen Miller, as featured in January Redfin blog.

These 3 simple practical energy balancing tips are easy and can freshen your space while also lifting the vibration to uplift your own spirits and support better body mind balance. Trusting what feels best to bring balance into your personal space is uniquely up to you so enjoy the process and keep adjusting things until you find your zen.

Cathleen Miller Master Energy + Lifestyle Coach

Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions, Events + Retreats


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