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Using Your Intuitive GPS

Intuitive Development Coaching

Are you getting the most out of your own internal 'intuitive' GPS system? Most of us have GPS in our cars, we have real time location, Google Maps and more. We also have an internal biophysical intuitive GPS support system that can help us to tune in to be more aware of our bodies, our environments, relationships and even what's happening in our business or any area of life.

As a born intuitive, I always had my own internal intuition fully on from as early as I can remember. It directed me much stronger than what was happening logically in everyday life. It is possible to get more connected within to understand your own intuitive sense better but it does take practice. We all have this capacity to tune into ourselves and be guided from within.

If you're a mom, this can be hugely beneficial to tune into what your kids are needing. Or to tune into what your pets are attempting to communicate. Or any critical needs that are around you that are important to be aware of in each moment. I call it the 'mama antenna' where all of a sudden, you just know something's off. You can feel it, or your spidery sense spikes up. Then sure enough your kid was about to eat something toxic, or take that marker to the wall LOL.

I remember getting the quick pulse to immediately check on my two year old. Only to walk in to him climbing the final rung six feet up the top of a piece of furniture getting ready to dive off. Luckily as moms we are blessed with instinctual support on these things, which is technically heightened intuition. Yet this support is available for every area of our lives. It really is about opening up this awareness in yourself.

So what is the value of intuitive awareness? Is it just impractical woo woo out there nonsense? What I am talking about here is extremely practically grounded, useful information that benefits your wellbeing and life. Actually, that's the only interest I have and train my own clients in so that they truly benefit in ways they can experience.

When you have a strong body mind connection, it guides your awareness to everything your body and healthy lifestyle needs would include. This of course is always coupled with integrative support from your health history and align with your doctors recommendations. Tuning into your own optimum lifestyle choices is possible as you keep building your own intuitive confidence.

Intuitive GPS awareness can also include tuning into your timing and awareness of moving in and out of certain environments that are healthy and appropriate for you. So this can be, when it's time to move. Or, for some, moving your personal space from one area to house (or office) to another. I am working from home at this time and since living in this house have had my office upstairs, downstairs, in one side of the house, then the other side and now smack in the center of my home. Not to say anyone of those spaces were right or wrong. I was just following internal fluctuations and moving with the energy to different areas in my own space that supported me in the healthiest way.

The more sensitive you become to energy, the more you realize the super delicate ecosystem that is useful to honor in your home and office. So tuning into the timing of each change is important. When is it appropriate to move or shift things around? Or be aware of what else is needed in each area as seasons and your life needs change?

There is also timing of connecting to people. Being able to tune into when to act, when to hold off and so on. Whether it's networking, or however your process of developing your business, following your intuition can keep your workflow and more importantly your cashflow optimized.

Many of you may be asking how do you trust your own intuition? Or maybe you feel your intuition is extremely sporadic, which a lot of clients say. Most of the world wants that factual right here, right now, this is what's happening awareness. This more often than not will take you out of your natural intuition and personal energy clarity.

I love that the collective is beginning to really grasp that what they focus on manifests in their life. Or at least is part of the impact of what is showing up in their lives. When we begin to acknowledge and then accept this law of attraction and then use it to our advantage, we move into higher levels of benefit from it. You always have choices to get where you're going. And that's where you want to tune in.

There is enough stress in life so why not tap into a free, easy and natural way to steer clear of the noise and chaos. So you can begin to move more towards where you really want to go. Using your own internal intuition to guide you from wherever you are to where you want to be really is possible. And when you believe it and begin to move with it your own GPS may take you somewhere you didn't even realize was actually possible all along.

Cathleen Miller Master Intuitive Business + Energy Coach

Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions, Events + Retreats


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