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Vibrational Immunity Tips

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

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Not everyone connects the dots on how their vibrational energy and focus create a positive or negative response in their lives. These habits of vibration directly affect your cellular system, emotional energy and every area of your personal and professional experience.

One thing I am saying constantly to my clients is how to begin to be more aware so you can improve your vibrational immunity to environments, people and experiences you are exposed to in your day to day life.

When we are alone and can choose where we want to go and who we would like to spend time around this is obviously easy to keep in a high state and is why it is common to just hang out at home and chill. If you have created a healthy home space and enjoy being there, then yes that would be a no brainer place to recharge and stay balanced.

Yet what about those toxic workplaces? Or having to overlap with less than positive family members or community, schools and so on that can have us holding our breath and running for cover? These are places where those shots of echinacea are only going to go so far and luckily there is help.

Step one in checking any specific environment or experience is to watch physical experience factors that happen while you are in it. Headaches constantly at the office? Anxiety at a certain persons home when you visit? These can be vibrational indicators of energy you are picking up around issues happening there that are out of your normal range of experience. Or your body saying hey I need to change this in a way that will feel better.

Once the challenge is identified next step is following the energy to ask what would be the healthiest choice for you to support your body and wellbeing? This may be leaving sooner, asking to work part time at home, not rsvp'ing or leaving sooner from a gathering that feels icky.

Often if we are honest with ourselves we never wanting to go to the party, or take on that work project or really needed a day of rest instead of doing x,y,z with others. Your body aching or cranking out may just be your soul awareness that this is not serving you. And if it is not healthy for you, guess what it is not for them either.

So remember next time you are questioning what is best for your energetic immunity

1- let your body show you - watch your experience to begin to connect the dots with where, when and what is going on when your body acts up.

2- get direction on what will help - see if you can follow the energy and then using common sense of course ask to be aware of the healthiest and most self honoring choice you can make.

3- stay clear to keep immune - honoring your body and creating a high standard of energy everywhere is not only key but crucial for your wellness and also your success in life.

These simple but powerful tips I use everyday myself but also coach clients to begin to transform their vibrational experience for their own intuitive lifestyle success advantage. You can begin to do this as you follow these steps and prioritize your own inner direction. Watch what happens and drop a line to share how it goes.

Cathleen Miller

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