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What Is Energy Medicine?

It is fascinating to me that energy medicine has so many extreme vantage points regarding what is possible with it. Is it real? What does energy medicine entail and include? For starters, if you do not believe in vibrational awareness or consciousness, then you may want to stop reading this now because this article may not be for you.

As crystalline, vibrational energy beings in these bodies, everything we do has an energetic counterpoint. Every focus point and mental, emotional, spiritual interaction affects our cellular bodies as well as our surrounding environments. In other words, as you focus and broadcast frequencies into your universe (via your mood, positive or negative outlook and expectations of good or bad, illness or wellness and so on) so you influence that experience.

Energy medicine or vibrational wellness, is the capacity to influence ones cellular body through non- physical focused intention which directs waves affecting cellular function. It is common knowledge that any experiment done has the influence of those looking on as a factor in the equation of the outcome.

That simple but powerful influence can create or destroy a healthy ecosystem. To me that is vibrational wellness in a nutshell. Yes, we are that powerful.

As a master practitioner, I have dedicated my life to mastering energy intelligence and the empowered advantage that gives to those who are willing to be conscious or intuitively connected to what is happening in their energy fields. This intuitive wellness lifestyle can get very complex as we continue to add outside factors of home, family, professional environments, community and so on.

The power of energy medicine is the intuitive awareness advantage to 'know thyself' to anticipate preventative wellness lifestyle choices along the way in life so that you are able to stay well! This in even a basic application can keep you clear on when changes are useful and how to add integrative support at times as well.

After facilitating thousands of sessions over the years, the biggest challenge I see with clients is the unwillingness to be or stay conscious about their wellness. Like most in America, the convenient millisecond fix is expected, which hey I want that too. Yet the willingness to be conscious is an important factor for energy medicine to be received and integrated in an optimal way.

Whatever you choose to believe about energy medicine will ultimately create your reality around it.

We all have the same power of choice.

Cathleen Miller

Master Intuitive Practitioner

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