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Why Law of Attraction Accelerates Business Success

Updated: May 28, 2019

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Like it or not law of attraction, being a universal law, is in full affect in your life. It affects every single experience in your life. Not just for your business, but also reflects everything in your life that is manifesting in your health, body, business, relationships and on and on.

While most grasp the 'what you focus on - you attract' premise of law of attraction, many are still confused at why the universe is delivering (or not delivering) regarding cashflow, clients, expansion and so on. As a law of attraction intuitive business coach, practicing the principles of this work since I was a teen, I am still in awe of how there is no end to the process of mastering these principles on more and more subtle levels.

Since law of energy is always in affect, you can't decide you don't want to participate. That would be like trying to stop the ocean. It just is. Actually you can ignore it and continue doing business with brut force, like many others using control patterns but that will only reap you more of what you do not want.

Good news is that when you activate more clarity around the join your work things have to improve. Doing this consistently creates a consciously thriving, happy business that is also profitable. Many business owners are waking up to this accelerated potential now. 

3 Tips to let Law of Attraction accelerate you

1- Get as clear as you can on what you really do want. Most are more focused on what they are concerned about or not wanting to create. Or where their concluded limits are, which will only intimidate you and keep you small. Only activating what you want begins to dissolve the opposite end of what you are not desiring to happen or create.

2- Be sure every action feels good before you do anything. Most act from what they think or assume they 'should' do. This is a silly trap I have wasted countless hours and dollars chasing the 'should logic' of business formula. Be sure you feel good first, then your awareness of the best action, that feels good will be clear. This one takes practice! Most people are very conditioned to struggle and strain for creation so again, practice is key.

3- Remember that if things begin well and then stop, then something shifted in you. Keep going back to that initial good feeling clarity so you can keep moving into the green! Once your going you have to pay attention and keep positive momentum to stay on course for ongoing success. Energy is fluent and there is no done. When you can be more aware of your own experience and keep that as high as possible vibrationally, things have to improve, it is law. 

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