• Cathleen Miller

ADD ADHD Support Tips

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

As a child I knew I was very different. Being born intuitively gifted, I was highly kinetic, while also being hyper sensitive to almost everything in my environment. I had more energy than I knew what to do with and would often be outspoken without meaning to, already several steps ahead in the conversation. It was as though I was functioning from a light speed turbo gear simply going faster than most around me, which few could tolerate. Often I was told I was "too excited, too hyper and just too much."

Growing up I struggled with trying to fit in and being understood which used to make me act out at the drop of a hat. This was attempting to offset the ongoing overstimulation that I couldn't seem to get away from. Paying attention in class was challenging because I had so much intuitive information coming in from students and teachers around me about their bodies and their lives. Trying to sort out math equations while receiving the awareness my teacher was struggling with an unhappy marriage would bounce my attention out the window. Back then I was not yet able to handle my intuitive gifts and was confused why others did not see, hear, feel and experience what I was going through. I learned very young that sharing what I saw and knew was not welcomed.

Luckily in my early teens, I found amazing conscious teachers that began to guide me into personal balance and steer me onto a holistic path. This started my development into becoming a leading global intuitive to teach and coach the holistic healing, intuitive lifestyle work that I enjoy today. It is so rewarding to be able to guide other 'sensitives' to know that they are not alone. While coaching them to intuitively develop so they can help naturally balance themselves. There are many healthy lifestyle ADD ADHD resources out there and great facilitators to support anyone dealing with any challenges to be able to create a very healthy, happy physical, mental and emotional life.

Today I realize that being so high functioning is a superpower with capacities of greatness that are changing the world for the better. As we choose to become conscious in our lives and actions we can all contribute to a better world and planet. Many who are learning to balance ADD and or ADHD are important teachers and leaders in the world. We are teaching how to be more conscious in the now moment. Functioning in a unique style can be a genius instead of a limitation. Leading entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran shared in a Shark Tank television episode, “I love ADD types, half of them are real geniuses, if you can find a good slot to put them in." She is a glowing example of the power of possibility.

A lot of my own drive in life and business has come from trying to prove I was not weird or stupid. Now I realize that everyone struggles from core insecurities and that there is nothing to prove. Way more can be created when we realize that we all have incredible value and creative potential that matters and is needed in the world. We get to live and choose our own unique version of what I call 'intuitive lifestyle success.' Everyone has areas that could be better in and that can be the fun of life to keep learning and growing. Knowing your own limitations while having the courage to out create them is the name of the game for us all.

Here are my top expert intuitive lifestyle success tips that have supported my own personal healthy lifestyle.