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ADD ADHD Support Tips

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

As a child I knew I was very different. Being born intuitively gifted, I was highly kinetic, while also being hyper sensitive to almost everything in my environment. I had more energy than I knew what to do with and would often be outspoken without meaning to, already several steps ahead in the conversation. It was as though I was functioning from a light speed turbo gear simply going faster than most around me, which few could tolerate. Often I was told I was "too excited, too hyper and just too much."

Growing up I struggled with trying to fit in and being understood which used to make me act out at the drop of a hat. This was attempting to offset the ongoing overstimulation that I couldn't seem to get away from. Paying attention in class was challenging because I had so much intuitive information coming in from students and teachers around me about their bodies and their lives. Trying to sort out math equations while receiving the awareness my teacher was struggling with an unhappy marriage would bounce my attention out the window. Back then I was not yet able to handle my intuitive gifts and was confused why others did not see, hear, feel and experience what I was going through. I learned very young that sharing what I saw and knew was not welcomed.

Luckily in my early teens, I found amazing conscious teachers that began to guide me into personal balance and steer me onto a holistic path. This started my development into becoming a leading global intuitive to teach and coach the holistic healing, intuitive lifestyle work that I enjoy today. It is so rewarding to be able to guide other 'sensitives' to know that they are not alone. While coaching them to intuitively develop so they can help naturally balance themselves. There are many healthy lifestyle ADD ADHD resources out there and great facilitators to support anyone dealing with any challenges to be able to create a very healthy, happy physical, mental and emotional life.

Today I realize that being so high functioning is a superpower with capacities of greatness that are changing the world for the better. As we choose to become conscious in our lives and actions we can all contribute to a better world and planet. Many who are learning to balance ADD and or ADHD are important teachers and leaders in the world. We are teaching how to be more conscious in the now moment. Functioning in a unique style can be a genius instead of a limitation. Leading entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran shared in a Shark Tank television episode, “I love ADD types, half of them are real geniuses, if you can find a good slot to put them in." She is a glowing example of the power of possibility.

A lot of my own drive in life and business has come from trying to prove I was not weird or stupid. Now I realize that everyone struggles from core insecurities and that there is nothing to prove. Way more can be created when we realize that we all have incredible value and creative potential that matters and is needed in the world. We get to live and choose our own unique version of what I call 'intuitive lifestyle success.' Everyone has areas that could be better in and that can be the fun of life to keep learning and growing. Knowing your own limitations while having the courage to out create them is the name of the game for us all.

Here are my top expert intuitive lifestyle success tips that have supported my own personal healthy lifestyle.

1- FIND CORE SUPPORT - depending on your needs and challenges finding personal support to improve your own unique personal strategy to health and happiness may include working with an ADD ADHD energy therapy facilitator. Or finding local support groups that are solution focused to raise your confidence instead of pointing out or constantly defining limitations. If your body is happy, your mind is balanced and your emotions are supported you can thrive. If one of those areas is lacking then begin with the biggest area of challenge to make practical improvements by seeking support in that area.

2- MOVE INTO BALANCE - physical exercise gives us countless physical, mental and emotional benefits for every level of our being. For those with ADD or ADHD, it can be a crucial outlet to offset an overstimulated nervous system and the difference of maintaining stability or burning out. For me I have always been extremely active, doing something different everyday of the week. As a hyper kinetic I work out in different ways to keep it fun but also to follow what the energy is doing in my body. If I feel too intense kickboxing or climbing is great. If I feel emotional yoga and walking are better. Learn to be intuitively directed into the right level of cardio or other workouts right for you. Finding the right level for your needs that is appropriate with your medical care can bring you incredible relief and a sense of personal balance everyone is seeking.

3- EAT FOR CALM - while many are familiar with the basics of ADD ADHD nutrition, there are powerful links to what you are eating and your cognitive function. As well as your overall sense of balance and immunity. As a teen I began slowly changing my diet to deal with food allergies. I noticed immediate positive shifts when I would eliminate certain food groups which definitely affected my ability to focus and balance. Today I enjoy a vegan diet and feel clearer and healthier than ever. Depending on your needs working towards the right nutritional ADD ADHD plan for you can make all the difference for relief and nervous system support *always check with your medical care before making dietary changes of any kind.

4- SOFTEN YOUR SPACE - if everything could be in soft fleece, I think the world would be a kinder place. For ADD ADHD kids or adults, soft fabrics that are loose, gentle teddy bear earth tones or pastels can all help sooth the intensity of overstimulation to create restorative space. If you are feeling like you are overwhelmed or your child is not settling down well, decluttering as much as possible is a great place to begin. Minimizing items in a room can create a relaxing affect that allows a natural calm to happen. Also removing mirrors that you can see from the bed since they amplify energy and can overstimulate the nervous system as well. Be sure furniture placement and objects all feels supportive.

5- ALIGN YOURSELF HIGHER - meditation is one of the fastest ways to balance the body mind and spirit. Having your own personal self care practice that includes a spiritual connection can bring a sense of ease and peace that is priceless. As you develop your own sense of purpose and self awareness limitations of ADD ADHD can transmute into a new empowered understanding of greatness and contribution that you are in the world. Fish tanks, indoor water features to give soothing water affects and noise machines can also be great enhancements to any space to settle down overstimulation and allow for natural balancing to occur.

We all are pretty dynamic at coping in life but remember that it is more than alright to find additional support to be able to achieve more ease, balance and peace in the world.

Cathleen Miller ADD ADHD Energy Therapy Facilitator + Coach

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