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Allowance vs Action in Law of Attraction

Updated: Jan 27, 2019


It is so wild how some exert such little effort for so much financial or personal gain, while others offer herculean force and get next to no return for it. Although healthy tension is good for us all to grow from, it is fascinating how the true determining factor of outcome is vibrational in nature. Where our feeling and expectation of result is felt, is where our ongoing outcomes will reflect.

Why is it that a stock broker can make a single call and make more in a day than someone working hard labour in a year would make? There is no logic there. Yet the one making the single call is expecting and willing to allow that flow of income to come his or her way. While the other is expecting to sweat and earn a living through the typical route of forty hour plus a week exchange for a modest wage.

One could argue that the stock broker has an unfair advantage from education or upbringing. Yet that conclusion is constantly leveled from many who have risen from no advantage, who go on to create massive success in life. It also does not guarantee that someone in that role have that result because there are countless stock brokers doing immense work with little to no return happening as well.

Even more importantly are they both happy? healthy? thriving? Looking deeper, it is not the role or position, or financial comparison, as it is the vibrational alignment of the individual in either role. If the hard labour individual is happy and thriving with his creations then he may be of a richer vibrational experience than the other so who is really the one to focus on?

Allowance is a brain twister for most people in that it can create the misunderstanding that no action is involved to create. So then what is the key to bridge the two aspects of action and allowance to create? Feeling good. This is the Abraham mantra that Esther Hicks shares on an ongoing basis in her group work but truly the simplicity of genius in feeling good is profound.

Feeling good. Really? Actually yes. Not saying it, not knowing what it means logically. Not giving it a fleeting moment to go right back into struggle and force. Really learning how and what feels good to you which only you can define and know. Prioritizing feeling good.

When I feel good I actually love a busy schedule and being in demand and truly enjoy losing the sense of time from being in the flow. We have all been there. It is the powerful space between action and allowance that may defy and even bend time in an interesting way. Tapping into this flow allows greater awareness and creation of your desires with greater ease.

No matter where you are if you decide to begin to allow greater inspired action you too can begin to experience new choice points that begin to open new doors and possibilities for you. Life is magical and miracles should be experienced every day. Question is...are you willing to allow unlimited potential to flow your way?

Cathleen Miller

Intuitive Law of Attraction coaching


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