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Intuitive Eating Challenge

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

table of farm veggies

Being an passionate intuitive wellness coach, I am always seeking more radiance and natural energy to feel amazing! This is not just for myself but to also stay on the leading edge of what is possible to coach my clients in more and better, so we can all be inspired to enjoy our highest potential of energy and beauty.

Although I have been a 100% raw foodist, then a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, paleo, junkeo and just about everything in between, I have come to a realization that our bodies needs are a fluent thing and not a rigid single choice.

Learning how to listen to your body about what it is needing is crucial to find your best diet and lifestyle. Whenever you notice food, mood or energy feeling a bit stale, or not really being physically hungry, it may be time for a change up. You may want to consider adding in my intuitive eating challenge for a few days to consciously reset and reboot your entire system. 

Cathleen's 3 Step Intuitive Eating Challenge</