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Spiritual Entrepreneur

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

spiritual entrepreneur

What does it take to become a spiritual entrepreneur? It is easier than you may realize and if you are reading this, you may already be one (or closer than you think).

Spiritual entrepreneurism (to me), is bringing the consideration of consciousness principles into every aspect of your core business practice. Then striving to use that intuitive or spiritually guided awareness of truth to lead, create, develop and maintain a healthy and flourishing business.

One who begins with a desire to uplift others, expand consciousness, improve ethics and or contribute more kindness and positive social change in the world, is at least incorporating some level of 'soul based business' into their experience.

Working as a spiritual entrepreneur and intuitive business coach, my work guides clients in any business into more awareness of how their choices are affecting their success, health, relationships and every area of their life. When you begin to evaluate business from this more holistic view, aspects like work - home - life balance or soul path awareness, can deepen