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Top 3 Intuitive Business Advantages

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

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Over the past several years my intuitive business has evolved from mostly medical intuitive and intuitive life coaching clients, into ever increasing requests for business intuitive sessions. What I love about this growing trend, is seeing the mainstream acceptance and acknowledgement of an intuitive experts value being both relevant and important to a healthier workplace and bottom line.

It is exciting to see more people inspired to learn and be more aware about what their business is doing on an energetic or 'conscious capitalism' level. As well as seeing an increased desire for more outbound impact and contribution, instead of just making money. Being intuitive allows business employees and leaders know how to best navigate growth or change from a place of developing stronger awareness to create more quality solutions for everyone to flourish.

Companies embracing conscious business tend to strive for low impact foot print are not only doing better but are redefining longevity from a more holistic viewpoint. This is truly as inspired, as it is needed globally at this time. As a leading international business intuitive, I am very lucky to get to work with a full range of clien