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What Is Intuitive Development?

woman holding head

You may recall a time when you had a sense that something was going to happen, or a thought of someone you knew, that either happened, or called shortly after that awareness. Although some recognize this as actual intuitive precognition, others still scoff at this being coincidence and chance.

As an intuitive expert, one main tip I share with all of my clients is that your intuition is only as clear as where your energy is while you are using it. Most are in their head or mental energetic field which often projects inaccurate and misleading information. This only creates confusion and a sense of feeling lost, or not being able to trust inner guidance.

Learning how to improve your own sense of intuition through intuitive development can support you in better understanding your own primary sense of intuitive capacity. As well as how to personally develop that to improve your life.

This can be done through upgrading to living a more intuitive lifestyle by considering wellness