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What Is Intuitive Development?

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You may recall a time when you had a sense that something was going to happen, or a thought of someone you knew, that either happened, or called shortly after that awareness. Although some recognize this as actual intuitive precognition, others still scoff at this being coincidence and chance.

As an intuitive expert, one main tip I share with all of my clients is that your intuition is only as clear as where your energy is while you are using it. Most are in their head or mental energetic field which often projects inaccurate and misleading information. This only creates confusion and a sense of feeling lost, or not being able to trust inner guidance.

Learning how to improve your own sense of intuition through intuitive development can support you in better understanding your own primary sense of intuitive capacity. As well as how to personally develop that to improve your life.

This can be done through upgrading to living a more intuitive lifestyle by considering wellness choices which can make all the difference for you to 'get clear.'

Why would being intuitive even matter? Working as an intuitive development coach and being intuitively gifted since I was born, I can honestly say that intuition has saved my life (more than once), given me a heads up to direct me out of dangerous circumstances while traveling, guided me to avoid fraud, and gave me ahead of the game awareness around huge business opportunities.

"Easy for you to say, since you work professionally using skills you were born with," you may think. Yet everyone is intuitive. As you begin to connect and then develop this inner sight countless advantages can occur. Some of them being that you can save priceless time, energy and money from knowing how to be aware and then have more choice in every circumstance.

Adding meditation, healthier lifestyle and even considering to work with an intuitive development coach can begin to support you on your path to improving your own intuitive confidence. This can create more success, happiness and wellbeing in every area of your life.

Cathleen Miller

Intuitive Business + Wellness Coach

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