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What Is Soul Trauma Healing?

Updated: May 5, 2021

soul trauma healing coach

If you are alive on planet earth, you have highly likely encountered soul trauma in at least a few minor or even major ways. Being born, toxic family environments, abuse upbringing, society conformity and so on can all have both fascinating and lasting affects on our life experience.

So what constitutes as a soul trauma? Any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual experience that has created a chaotic or dysfunctional impact on your energy field that is creating imbalance or chaos in any way.

For some this can be a single traumatic life event. For others a major crossroads of an illness, abuse, accident or unexpected life path detour can also create this type of upheaval which can be so much to process that the soul splits out, or releases into other dimensional spaces.

Soul fragmentation is an issue I see often in clients who are still recovering from a past (or recent) experience, that is not allowing normal balancing to occur. Like the books flung about in this picture,