• Cathleen Miller

What Is Soul Trauma Healing?

Updated: May 5

soul trauma healing coach

If you are alive on planet earth, you have highly likely encountered soul trauma in at least a few minor or even major ways. Being born, toxic family environments, abuse upbringing, society conformity and so on can all have both fascinating and lasting affects on our life experience.

So what constitutes as a soul trauma? Any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual experience that has created a chaotic or dysfunctional impact on your energy field that is creating imbalance or chaos in any way.

For some this can be a single traumatic life event. For others a major crossroads of an illness, abuse, accident or unexpected life path detour can also create this type of upheaval which can be so much to process that the soul splits out, or releases into other dimensional spaces.

Soul fragmentation is an issue I see often in clients who are still recovering from a past (or recent) experience, that is not allowing normal balancing to occur. Like the books flung about in this picture, it is literally information points of you that scatter out. This can leave you feeling lost, off or as though something, or some part of you is missing.

Sadly this can occur even decades after a traumatic event has taken place. In the soul retrieval work I facilitate with clients, sometimes it can be surprising that something decades ago can still be impacting you today. This can create physical limitations, emotional imbalance and even health, anxiety or other issues which can potentially all be vibrationally healed.

Soul retrieval is a powerful process which realigns the physical body with the non physical outer fields in a way that reunites all fragments in a healthy way that can have huge impact on energy, healing and personal confidence. As the fragments are cleared and retuned often clients report feeling very different in their body, or that they are in their body for the first time in a long time.

3 Intuitive Healer Expert Tips To Know If Soul Trauma Is Negatively Affecting You

1- Spaciness or strong sense of being off your normal game - I see this a lot in clients who have had an automobile accident which leaves them seemingly normal but off their game and not quite pinpointing why things are so scattered. Whether impact is coming from physical, emotional, psychological or all of them can affect the level of trauma and realignment support work needed to reset the system.

2- Physical, mental or emotional challenges which