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3 Reasons Your Not Pregnant (yet...)

3 reasons your not pregnant

Pregnancy is truly a miracle. There are countless truly mind boggling detail factors it takes to be able to physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy to term. Then delivery is a whole new ballgame all over again. It is without a doubt an absolute divine alignment, no matter how parenthood comes about for you. 

It is important to surrender your desire for children and let the universe support the best way for that to come into your experience. Sometimes a child may more appropriately to come in through surrogacy, adoption, or an opportunity from an unexpected circumstance bringing a child or children into ones life. Raising a child that comes from any circumstances is still parenthood and fascinating energetic contracts that all parties are participating in.

After working with many women who have gone through common routes to overcome infertility in order to conceive a child, I understand the overwhelm and anxiety this process can bring. Often once the physical medical factors are reviewed to ensure good conception health, moving to mental, emotional factors can be a useful next steps to explore.

For some dealing with miscarriages, failed IVF, or crickets in the natural process takes incredible courage to keep faith in the process. In working intuitively with infertility clients, I look at the deeper beliefs, energetic factors and soul consciousness that can be limiting or not allowing a healthy conception to take place. Often this can be a combination of beliefs, negative sex or family experiences, or pressure on one or both sides of the partners seeking to conceive.

Many times I have seen one of the partners only sort of wanting a child, since the other wants one so bad. Harboring the guilt to deny someone they love their dream of family then creates a grey area of weakness that can manifest as difficulty in conception. Other times this may be one or both partners physical strength to manage the energy to keep up with demanding career, or other surrounding life stresses that simply do not allow enough energy for the child to come in.

Here are a few energetic reasons you may not be pregnant yet (assuming it is a physical pregnancy and not a child coming through another route)

1- Deeper mental, emotional or spiritual resistance blocking conception for you and or your partner - this can be anything from other lifetime patterns, fear of being a parent or not really wanting family and 'going along' with the others wishes.

2- Limiting beliefs or past traumas (for you and or your partner) that are conflicting with being a parent. Challenging family dynamics creating resistance to being a parent yourself, residue from past sexual or abuse traumas can all create blockages to creating and a healthy pregnancy.

3- Your soul chart potentials - soul agreement to adopt, co-create with a surrogate or take on a non blood related child through a different route can sometimes be the case. These may even be cases where a couple adopts only to then naturally get pregnant the soul held out to ensure connecting with a soul chart child through another route.

These are only a few of countless complex dynamics that can be happening around your own fertility journey. What is important to remember is that your desire your having a child is all it takes for the universe to be able to deliver sometimes a literal pregnancy or possibly a mothering or fathering experience in a way you may not have expected. If you have been on the fertility highway for a while, then trust that you are reading this for a reason and keep the faith. Anything is always possible.

Cathleen Miller Master Intuitive Business + Energy Coach

Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions, Events + Retreats

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