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3 Transformation Tips for 2018

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Law of Attraction coach Cathleen Miller

Everyone loves the idea of change. Yet by the end of January, most romantic New Years resolutions are little more than a kinda sorta wish, if not forgotten. Why do so few actually get up, decide or act on creating little (if any) actual change in their life? As you can see in the above photo, I just got back from cutting my hair short this morning (from longer than my bra strap btw). This is what I really wanted for years now but was just too chicken. Even though I really, really wanted the change and loved saving ongoing google images of similar looks, it was still just a thought. 

January is such a profound time to declare and then move into action on whatever it is that you desire. Still blazing forward in a positive momentum dedicated to my most transformative year possible, cutting my hair is only one minor step to allow my own best self to emerge. Or as Coco Chanel stated so brilliantly, 'a woman who drastically cuts her hair is about to change her life." So true Coco.

What change are you ready for this year? As we collectively shift from #timesup into #timesnow we can all heal and move into more supported and empowered personal transformation to allow 2018 to be the best version of our most authentic self expression. Never in history has there been a time of such permission to own your power than now. What an incredible time to be alive as a conscious leader to support this collective movement. 

Whether your close to taking a step or needing more support to get to commitment, here are a few easy and simple tips below to hopefully inspire you into new empowered action.

3 Transformation Tips for 2018

1- Update your personal expression -in some minor, or major way. Change does not have to be a foot of hair lobbing off. It can be as simple as wearing a new style you have been admiring but not quite letting yourself own yet. Or it can be updating your website or business cards which are all powerful ways to express the best of who you are now. 

2- Upgrade your home and office - in feng shui there is a general rule of 27 to clear stagnate chi and get things going in your life. This can be moving furniture, small or large items in your home or office, clearing out clutter, or anything that is not adding energy to support you being your best.  

3- Uphold one daily self care habit - each day. This can be as easy as adding more water, less caffeine, working with an intuitive coach, or getting to the gym an extra day each week. Finding what area of your life needs more support then adding a self care habit to support that may seem small but can really make all the difference when you are challenged in life. 

These tips may seem minor and yet when you really act and follow through on each of them with focused intention, trust me you will notice some positive momentum begin. Working as a intuitive wellness practitioner what I have found professionally and personally is that it is the small ongoing deliberate habits of excellence, make all the difference for being your highest potential of success.

Try one, or all of these today and email me your transformation for a chance to be featured in my next Intuitive Insight Wellness newsletter. 

Be radiant 

Cathleen Miller

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