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Can a medium be a business coach?

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One of the greatest things about the popular television series Hollywood Medium, as well as several other legitimate medium shows on television, is that they are (finally) showing two very important and long overdue facts to America.

Number one, that mediums can be very wonderful, normal and very healthy people (and should be FYI). And two that mediums are not just about talking to ghosts wishing you well, but also tap into crucial and relevant here and now information about your health, relationships and business cashflow success.

As a born medium, I spent decades developing my own gifts while learning how to use them for contributing to greater clarity and support for my clients. Now after doing thousands of sessions, I am finding that clients are more interested in the energetics and intuitive awareness of their business success.

If you are open minded enough to consider working with a medium for clarity and insight on your business, yet are a touch reluctant, here are a few tips to be sure you find the right person to work with for your needs.

Tip #1 - FEEL GOOD First. If you don't really believe in intuitive medium work then you most likely will either not use the information given, or worse because of fear or uncertainty find someone that may amplify the negative. If you are at least open minded for positive support to improve your business, then anything is possible.

Tip #2 - Confirm Your Knowing. A good intuitive business coach should be confirming your own ideas (which is a good thing to help improve your confidence) for whatever you are seeking specific support on. If their guidance seems too out there or more of distraction, it likely is either not relevant or accurate.

Tip #3 - Keep High Standards. Are they professional? Healthy? Good track record for success? Anyone you would hire to intuitively coach you would obviously need to have a solid record for guiding others to success and should have the testimonials to improve your confidence in them.

Much like well known mediums, I too often refers to business ideas and dates for potential opportunities which can be a huge benefit for clients to capitalize on awareness of timing, appropriate partnerships, investment changes and so on.

Traditional business coaching is based more on theory templates to create business which definitely has its place. Yet intuitive business coaching is a more beneficial and relevant way to give you a heads up on energy intelligence that can make all the difference for ongoing expansion and success.

So can a quality medium also be a good business coach? You get to decide. In today's world of out of the box marketing and innovations, what if an energetic intelligence advantage could save you precious time, energy and headaches of weak hires, bad timing and so on. What if being more intuitive as a business owner yourself could keep you thriving?

Finding any business coach whether you choose intuitive or not is not as important as getting the right person who is going to ultimately improve your confidence, direction and clarity to move forward to give your business your best.

Cathleen Miller

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