• Cathleen Miller

Holiday Intuitive Eating

holiday intuitive eating

Holidays can add even more pressure than the already normal everyday stress that can lead to overeating. So it is easy to veer way out of control with emotional or stress eating patterns towards the end of the year. Then add in the collective intensities of 2020 and well.. it has been a powerhouse year of challenging our balance which again can tip the scale to poor eating and lifestyle habits across the board.

There are a lot of wellness trends that are extreme in dictating dietary perfection which makes many people quit a healthy holiday diet before they even get through November. Restrictions such as you're not supposed to ever have sugar or you're not supposed to ever have carbs, fats, grains and so on. We're here to be able to enjoy everything and yet gravitate intuitively to what our body actually requires for our own unique wellness equation.

If you feel restricted or that you don't have a choice it is not likely that your plan will last long term. One suggestion is to consider going flexitarian. This allows you to pick and choose from many different diet plans to find what your own specific constitution benefits from most. A flexitarian allows the right mix of say vegetarian with some fish or chicken or whatever feels like a useful addition that the body may be reaching for from time to time. This allows you to develop your own intuitive body connection while also not feeling wrong or bad for not being too extreme.

It is really important to begin creating more of your own conscious choice around indulgences. Because what can happen, which is common for those who travel home for the holidays, may find they drop into old younger home self eating behaviors (like when you used to live there). Maybe you can relate? You travel to your childhood home only to find yourself defaulting to your old eating patterns like when you lived there. Or if you have one or more siblings also gathering who may also have those same energy patterns like when you lived together.

How your family was around food can really be an invisible influence and yet it's still happening. So if you ever go home and think, why am I suddenly eating like I used to? Or you recognize old trigger patterns, this may be where it is coming from. So this is where you can shift the old limitation and make a new conscious choice to eat in a way that honors your body now. So much of my intuitive eating work is around strengthening clients body mind connection, so they have more intuitive awareness in every healthy lifestyle choice.

You can make a healthy holiday conscious choice of indulgence telling yourself "Hey, I'm going to really enjoy this out of the norm holiday meal, or this entire day where it's a everything goes play day." It is possible to let go of the guilt, fear and wrongness of food. This year I had pecan pie for breakfast on Thanksgiving. And it was absolute bliss! I decided you know what, I'm gonna allow myself this total play space to really indulge and enjoy. And it was it was really really fun. Now would I want to do that every day? No. I really wouldn't even want to do that most of the time. And yet to be able to just have that play space was a really fun experience which to me is also a joyful life balance.

So when you make these types of choices ahead of time before your parties or family gatherings, it allows you that space to have the green juice or other supports or extra fruit